Before Micky became a presidential candidate he had helped...

Acolyte - March 1 2011, 6:18 AM

Before Micky became a presidential candidate he had helped, fed and supported more than 200,000 of the poorest of the poor. Some of those that he actually held in hugs, as he sympathized with their despair could not even make it to a rally, let alone raise their hands.

But you will never see a film or picture about that in Haitian Television, or a clip on Youtube, because that stuff does not make it to the pamphlets of the Haitian churches; they rather talk about his butt as a sin.
But you and know of many priest and pastors who have gotten so many young women pregnant that this fact has almost become a laughable thing in our culture.

Pere David who is associated with the Episcopalian Trinity Music School in Port Au Prince, although he was married, is responsible for two abortions by one of those girls in the Orchestra.

He is right laughing and supporting Mirlande while screaming about how immoral Michel Martelly is. There is also Pere Oge who has two daughters with his wife and is happily married, but since his brother had passed he has been taking care of his brother's wife in many more ways than one. I guess to keep it in the family is very moral.

Pere David and Oge i am certain love to get together with the other protestant Pastors and talk about morality and how immoral Micky is. I have plenty more, but i guess you get the picture.

Evil hypocrites.

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