People plzzzzzzzzzzzzz stop talking BS and open your eyes.The...

Wikenson Djakout - February 28 2011, 9:57 PM

People plzzzzzzzzzzzzz stop talking BS and open your eyes.The reason that the united states don't want mr Aristide to come back now it's because they want to control the opposition.They want to control those who want to stop the election, cause if Mr Aristide shows up now guys like: Jude Celestin and the others gonna use people to do bad thing to our country and put it on The lavalas people (Aristide) "cause everybody knows that MR Aristide is not a good man so they gonna use his practice to block the election.

People ask yourself that question why Mr Aristide will come and block the election?the USA just want to have eyes on the one who gonna try to do bad things, to do that they want Aristide to come after the election that's it.come onnnnnnnnnnnn ya'll

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