Clement that is good point you made about her wearing a pink...

Sesalye - February 28 2011, 7:41 PM

Clement that is good point you made about her wearing a pink shirt to attract more people, and 200,000 in five cities where she is well liked in time of mardigras is only a sneeze in comparison to the 200,000 plus Michel had walking with him in Cap-Haitien.

her entourage copied those numbers, but can she copy the poll numbers.

I think her advisers should tell her not to wear pink anymore, because down the road people will remember that it was Micky's colors that aroused the curiosity of the crowd.

It certainly was not the energy and substance of of her vague message of immorality.

Micky himself is running to establish morality in a land that has not known morality since the days of Caonabo and Anacaona.

Micky is where he is at because the youth believe that the oldtimers' immorality got the country inthe situation it is socially.

The youth credits Micky with bringing up their morale in a dull political and social situation, and that will speak volume on March 20th.
We will see if her pink blouse will help her in the polls as Michel makes his next move, which i am certain the whole world or at least Haiti is waitiand holding their breath to see.
The youth of the diaspora is wearing pink, her camp thought that as a smart woman with a doctorate degree she should also be wearing pink. In doing so, they and her think that will get her closer to the masses and help her in the polls.

Lap pren roulib sou Micky.

Folks, if she doesn't get her numbers a little stronger in the next two weeks Michel will run away with the votes.

For her camp to make it close they need not only to wear more pink, but they need to start dancing fast or its over in the next two weeks.

They know this.
Michel should applaud her for that smart decision, of wearing pink. But on a more very serious note what did she have to say beside the vague passing at immorality.

We are too smart for this. We are not in a classroom being educated on immorality, when their immoral agenda has not done anythink for Haiti and its youth.

En avant let everyone start wearing pink Tet Kale

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That's a big blow. But the reality we want to know...

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