Hi you are doing it again you promised your readers you would...

Suzanne - February 28 2011, 5:38 PM


you are doing it again

you promised your readers you would write your articles in English only'''' That should not be very hard to remember?

I truly feel if you cannot write an article just in English then you should let other people write the articles

it is a complete disrespect to those of us who do not know your language to have you daily not write in english so we can understand what you are saying.


should anyone who only knows english read your paper?

if they cannot understand what you are writing.

There is NO excuse for you not remembering to write the entire article in english.

Write one entire article in english and then write it all again in your own language and then solves your problem

what other way to solve this problem is there?

if you want to keep your english speaking/understanding customers???, thanks, suzanne

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