Cepete r u trying to tell us that lesbian sex acts r...

Wapsuiv - February 28 2011, 1:36 PM

Cepete r u trying to tell us that lesbian sex acts r increasing becoz the lesbians culture in Haiti dnt hv the right role models in Michel and Wyclef.

I think u r absolutely on point there.

For God's sake write to mama Mirlande to head into Champs de Mars n talk to these young lesbian ladies, she is a mother figure after all they will listen 2 her.
Moreover, certainly she can help with crime, stopping crime was a big ticket with her husband as President, wasn't it?

If i am not mistaken, she ran an anti-crime senatorial campaign before quitting on the people.

She could have been so much help for those under 40 borderline lesbians, but she had no courage to deal with the hardships of the Senatorial chores; she was exhausted mentally and physically, and quitted on the people and her voters.

So clearly, she can be very effective in getting those lesbians in our culture to get themselves straight as her as the proper role model.

Michel and Wyclef would have a harder time convincing female lesbians not to enjoy the djondjon, it is their fields of concentration.

They are trying to move a backward old-time nation into the 21st century, and not move 70 years back (all due respect to Mirlande's age).

Don't u get it.
Also she can be effective in talking to those criminals that are shooting cops and kidnapping children and raping 9-10 year old girls.

Those people need their mother figure to embrace them with love, so that they can know what not to do. Mirlande help them, the nations' lesbians and criminals need ur help to see a better day. Why haven't you been helping those poor devils waiting for your loving care.
I personally would love to see Mirlande on the campaign attaking real issues, such as lesbianism and crimes, as stated, but it seems as if you are doing a better a job at it. That is impressive, Cepete, given all her diplomas and all the languages she is fluent in. But obviously, she probably does not know what to say to the lesbians who are committing crimes on Champs de Mars, as was reported in the Nouveliste.

As you said, it appears that more undecided lesbians are joining her camp after the unfavorable statements of Micky.

Votes are votes, get it whichever way you can, some seasoned politician would say. Let us hope that she does a fine and patient job. I am waiting for the live debate between her and Michel.

I hope none of the newly converted lesbians will be there yelling, Mirlande Tete Kale, Mirlande Tete Kale, because that would be such a distraction from the real issues to be debated.

By the way, this morning at 5:48am you sent us a message saying u were on ur heading a special mission, and that you were praying that you would not be captured.

Tell us, was that special in Champs de Cars?

Are you hiding out on us. It is amazing how a man can quote the bible so many times in his messages, but yet hide his name from those he is trying to save.
I have never seen a priest hide behind the altar as he gives communion.

I got you baby, i will be here with you until April 16.
You seem so miserable, Cepete.

I noticed not even Sonia answers your messages anymore.

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