I'm trying to avoid another uncessary deployment in our...

Cpt.d - February 24 2011, 9:51 PM

I'm trying to avoid another uncessary deployment in our trouble land. Better safe than sorry we always act when its too late. Pwoveb kreyol la di Sim te konnin toujou tro ta. Nimpotw ki onete, ki bon sans va fe obsevasyion sa: nan kek ane ki sot pase tout moune tap kouri deye pe Aristide, pita yo di si yo te konnin yo pa ta vote pouli.

Yo voyel lobo, Latouti ale, yo kouri tankou moune fou vote Preval, epi, si nou te konnin, jounin jodi-a nou pap tombe nan minm pipimp la ak yon lot Titide, Ti Rene, Micky.

If,(who knows!) I repeat if the election takes place Mirlande will be elected, Micky will move on with his life, since he has a foundation he can go around giving lecture encouraging young people to stay out of trouble for his trouble past cost him the electio.

I read a beautiful testimony from a gentleman in the forum who did drugs (smoked all of them) but he was wise enough to stop and turn his life around.

as for me I rather return to Haiti on humanitarian mission than "operation restore democracy or...."

They'll do what they do and I'll continue doing what I do

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Sweet Micky will always be sweet, Cpt D. or (Cepete...

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