Haiti loves you Mama Mirlande, and i respect you for your all...

Victor Levorix - February 23 2011, 9:33 AM

Haiti loves you Mama Mirlande, and i respect you for your all your achievements; for your character and professionalism, but right now you can do Haiti a great favor by supporting Michel Martelly for pressident.

Be humble and yield to the silent acreaming fever for Michel.

You represent Mother Haiti, and it would be very honorable for you to help your son Michel to Preside over the Executive Powers of the Nation en Tet Kale.

The Diaspora and its youth are waiting for Michel to unite them with their brothers and sisters in Haiti like you could not begin to believe or even imagine.

You did well and we applaud you, but we want Michel Joseph Martelly to be declared President on April 16th.

Watch and see! People are not going to believe their eyes on Mar 20th, the country and the Diaspora you is going to be painted pink.

Merci Mama Mirlande, mais Martelly sera President de la Nation.

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