Pierre Brisseau Pierre Salnove we are going to have big party...

Yislene Lherison - February 23 2011, 8:34 AM

Pierre Brisseau Pierre Salnove we are going to have big party in Boston this weekend and everybody is going to wear something pink. At midnight we will play the Rassemble video as a symbolic gesture of taking us from the old ways of thinking to the new ways of doing things.

It is a new day for Haiti and the Diaspora can not wait for Michel to become President and work to unite the Haitian across the waters with our sisters and brothers in the mother land.

All Haitian sisters everywerhere start wearing pink. If you are for Mama Mirlande, and you are shy then you can wear a pink underwears.

All the guys, you can shave your heads.

But if you are proud of your dreads, that is fine but let the Tet Kale kampe jam tou pare pou chanjmen.

All the Haitian college students start wearing pink, and tell your non-haitian friends to wear something pink even it its a pair of socks.

Let sock it to them.


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Pierre my name is also Pierre, i am also not in the...

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you give me nostalgic I missed Boston.Fire-up Boston...

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