Fear, intimidation & charm are part of the strategies used by...

Cpt.d - February 22 2011, 10:30 PM

Fear, intimidation & charm are part of the strategies used by Micky's camp to move forward.

Older Haitian journalists who have been around for a while have an idea about the artist's actions, but they know everything about him. Micky masters the art of mind game, There are so many allegations about the man, questions about his arrest records, child support, ties with drug kigpins, NINJA & FRAPH, immigration"incident," his brushes with US laws, his arrest records and so forth.

Do you think that a journalist working in Haiti will dare ask him proping questions?

What about his leadership role in the anti-US protest when US envoy Caputo came to Haiti to arrange Aristide return.

This was the first time micky stripped publicly to defy the US. These events were broadcast on TNH. So you see, Micky has to always be at the defensive for he has too much dirty laundry.

Micky understands that he has to be all things to all people to make his money.

It was by accident that he called his group "Bandit Legal".

Ostos & Sola, the Spanish Public Relation firm hired to handle Sweet Micky used a two-pronged strategy for the 1st stage of the campaign.

Part one to sshift the haitian mind set from seeing the singer Sweet Micky to the more polished Michel Martelly; part two was to have him run as an outsider, a man who is not part of the system says Daman Merlo, executive director of Ostos & Sola. They gives sweet Micky a good line What can Martelly do?

Rescue the belief of man..Its work with the some people not everyone.

No matter what one does at the end of the day Micky remains Micky.

You can;t show new tricks to an old dog. They have a lot of money (can report look into the campaign finances, where does those million come from) Don't worry, as it is customary people will take the money and vote for Mme Manigat.

Micky will not be president of Haiti.

Imagine sweet Micky President, Wycleff Prime minister, Tonton Bicha Minister of Culture, Black Alex Minister of Education, and, and, and....

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