"The country has lots of problems" The same phrase from...

Garry Destin - February 22 2011, 10:19 PM

"The country has lots of problems"
The same phrase from Aristide, Preval, Manigat, matteli and celestin.

None of them ever stated the problems and solutions.

I would like matteli and Manigat to state ten top problems and their solutions.

Please don't mention food, infructuture and education.

1)Education: public schools, books, public literacy by law, school lunch, phisical education, public libraries so on and so forth.

If we have real journalists at least someone will ask for such detailled important question and don't settle for short stupid answer.

It is so easy to say "payi a gain ampil problems" but offer no details as if everyone is an idiot.

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