Pierre my name is also Pierre, i am also not in the country...

Pierre Salnove - February 22 2011, 6:52 PM

Pierre my name is also Pierre, i am also not in the country and we are making contact with the student government in the colleges whereever there are Haitians Clubs and asking them to get in contact with their families i Haiti and vote for Martelly.

Contact as many people as you can and let's do this.

The Student Governments are in contact with other Student Government all over the USA, in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Boston, Chicago, California, Montreal, Quebec, France, Atlanta, Georgia, Guadeloupe and so forth.

Let your message fly through the internet and let your voice be heard for Micky.

They are going to be shocked to see the number of votes Micky is going to get on Mar 20th.

The youth of Haiti in country and in the Diaspora is going to elect
Mr. Michel Martelly as the next President of Haiti.

Watch and see.

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