That is so true he is gettig more publicity than the common...

Ronald Altieri - February 22 2011, 8:40 AM

That is so true he is gettig more publicity than the common folk can imagine.

People do not understand that the more they write about a person, and the more that person's name is recorded in the computer world, the more can be made.
The more words that are written about a person the more signal power (as we say in the data business) a person has in cyberworld the more we can maneuver companies to benefit his agenda.

So, as the people keep talking about him the more he is going to be read about in the Arabian world, in China, in Europe, in the US and in the Caribbean.

People should undestand that the more discussions there are about someone over the net, the more curiosity is built around that person on the internet and that turns money for companies.

But what some people would not believe is that there are people that are paid to keep an eye on such matters, because news is money and money is time.
The more time is spent on a person on the net the more can be made using that person as a strong cyberworld signal to signal advertisers or direct attention to products.

These things are done in ways that only people that are professional in advertising would understand.

The organizations in Haiti are a laboratory for the medical field, socio-political field, engineering field and etcetera, which translates to cash in ways that i do not have time to explain, nor do you have time to read about.

Michel Martelly right now is money in the pocket of many, and you better believe that money talks with a smile and the other stuff barely walks in blah blah blah.
Michel Martelly is very intelligent and the people behind him are also very wise in backing him to help pull Haiti out this terrible situation Haiti was stuck in for so many years.

People are afraid of a new approach, and Micky is exactly that plus more.

Time will tell if the results will follow the dream.

I am an optimist, i must believe that he will pleasantly surprise not only Haiti, but also the world.

Keep the faith!

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