All the problems of Haiti was not Micky, before he entered the...

Colonel La - February 22 2011, 7:00 AM

All the problems of Haiti was not Micky, before he entered the presidential race to try to get us to look at some of those problems, which nobody was doing anything about before Jan 12, 2010 or even after depending on your point of view.
But now that he is more than world famous and affecting your conscience with his plans that moving forward to help the youth of Haiti and hopefully the world; those people who have not done a thing for the youth of Haiti or their nations are now busy talking about his and what came out of it.
This man already had some power and some money, because he has empowered myself and work hard to get his. he is not looking for power and he is not looking to steal the money that a mother can use to feed her kids. He is married and has four children of his own.
If you are not interested in his program then do not vote for him. Or, better yet come up with your own program to help the future generations of Haiti.

Or you can continue to kiss his ass on this screen.

There are 42 million abortions performed every year in the world or approximately 115,000 abortions each day, but let us concentrate on Micky's ass. In the US alone there is approximatley 1,370,000 abortions performed each year or 3,700 a day but let us concentrate on what Micky said.
There over 155,000 people killed every day in the world, and who knows how many are being kidnapped, raped and murdered in Haiti.

But right now we must give serious attention to Micky and Wyclef, because one is an entertainer who has exposed his ass and has shown more care towards the Haitian in misery than any Politician we know of. The other one is a rapper who has done more good in expressing pride for Haiti than any Haitian politician i know of.
Micky and Clef are the biggest problems of Haiti right now, because the positive light of the youth is always a serious threat to the negative darkness the so called elite and intellectuals have always kept the minds of the youth enslaved in.

Darkness is always afraid of the light.

Let the light of youth rise and confront darkness; thereby helping the future generations to see a clearer path.

We want Micky to next President of Haiti, mainly because the role models they have given us have not done shit for us or for the nation.

He has touched our hearts in ways that only those who were there in times of our misery would understand.

Michel Martelly we thank you and Haiti loves you.

En avant!


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