Mirlande manigat never stole any haitian money. She's an...

Nicolas - February 21 2011, 1:48 AM

mirlande manigat never stole any haitian money.

She's an educator who makes few bucks.

She's a brain's seller who is going to prevent haiti to keep on falling with a novice and immoral like?


who wanted to become a US citizen while
rejected for having a criminal record.

Michel is the one who could help people with the fake money he made in concert with JOJO LOCKET by forcing people to pay 40 to 50dollars for a dancing party announcing to be 25 dollars.

Today, haitian people lost memory when Wyclef Jean has been askedk: what about the 12 millions raised for haiti?

his answer: 3 millions for water and this and that ect....

whiat about the remaining 9 millions?, for michel's campagn
So, with micky as president in haiti, it will be a political suicide for this country
I said so in 1990 with Aristide, Actually, you're facing the reality.

haiti is already a sick lady with no luck she will be sicker and weaker with the tandem micky_clef

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