Sonie honey ar u trying to tell us that u dnt like a nice and...

Titkale - February 20 2011, 9:54 AM

Sonie honey ar u trying to tell us that u dnt like a nice and firm tet bien kale from time to time. C'mon girl! Let it go. U might want to think of this message as ignorant and so on an so forth, but so what. The bottom line is taht Michel's message is now running through the internet worldwide, and the youth of the world not only of haiti, is listening to his message of hope and dream, they are not paying attention to his butt or whatever.

Hey talking about that what's up girl! Smile a little bit we are only human.

Haaa! That's better! Don not take the world so seriously, let it be what it will be. The youth need someone to sell them a message of hope, they have been in the boredom of misery for so long let Michel entertain their minds with hope and dream.

Hey! That's not a bad thing.

Don't you like to get your pleasure on to distract yourself for a while.

Think about global warming and ozone layer depletion.

Mirlande or Michel can not do anything for Haiti in 5 years.

They can only entertain as plans are made for our haiti.

One thing for sure the youth do not trust those who have already bitten to disappointment.

Do you trust those who have already disappointed you. I know it is a little bit more serious than that, but we must start somewhere.

Haiti will need me and you and and everyone else, and not just Michel or Mirlande to guide it in the right direction.

Let's do it together slowly.

Luv u baby.

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I agree, even a cleaner person can be a puppet, but...

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