I am not well educated in to the imbecility of those who have...

Mitch - February 19 2011, 10:42 PM

I am not well educated in to the imbecility of those who have swallowed the fake logic of doom and gloom .May be I am singularly stupid and blind.

I refuse to believe the concoction of those who are afraid of thinking independently from what " blanc" wants us of to think.

I have been living in the US for 30 years almost, I have never seen an American citizen denied access to his country and there are many American troublemakers who travelled regularly in and out of the country.

Those who are drinking from that cup remind of that story: some time ago an epidemic was killing thousands in Haiti.

American medical team came to assess the situation.

They would apply a stethoscope to the chest of the very sick, then they would declare him living and worthy of care or they would declare him dead. One sick Haitian was declared dead by American Dr. but he was not really dead. When they were about to haul him to the morgue the

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