Capt D, Cool! That's what came to my mind when i read your...

Ronald Altieri - February 18 2011, 11:22 PM

Capt D,

Cool! That's what came to my mind when i read your reply.

Well! It is obvious that that you bring a lot to the screen.

You and i, if you will, are very well aware of the need to engage in conversation with some elements of inadvertent mental stimulation.

Well done!

By the way! There is so much to be said, and i must believe that the readers of this screen will benefit most with some degree of variations and/or diversity of the topics presented.

It is in this frame of mind that i must again say, well done.

Quickly! As you know, the battery works with two energized points, for lack of better expression; respectively, one being negative and the other positive.

Thus, the light bulb in the flashlight can not flash its rays of light for sight without this dichotomic element, as it were.

We know that sight is for the eyes, and that insight is for the mind. floating in that thought compels me to say that you have with eloquence raised some very interesting elements for us to look at, and i hope to have contributed - to some extent, to the energy of our passion in the subject covered.

I am now reminded of the what the Mahatma Gandhi once said, which is:


I am glad that you can see what you see. In due time, i have faith that more will be revealed to you via your spiritual insight.

Keep up the good work!

Ronald Altieri

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