Josy, we need to learn to live with the same standard treating...

Cpt.d - February 18 2011, 8:43 PM

Josy, we need to learn to live with the same standard treating each other with respect.

The problem with what your statement on treating Haitian roughly is that it encourage others to treat us badly.

You imagine an American, Canadian, British cop reading your comment.

Furthermore we don't need Martelly to treat people rougly.

Could this be relating to the allegation of his affiliation with FRAPH, the defunct Haitian Army or his accomanying death squad who terrorized Haitians.

I'm almost certain that you are a fine young lady who means well, but my dear you need to think twice for there are people out there monitoring what we're saying, In closing, before suggesting someone like Micky to treat Haitians roughly one must ask how he's been treated during his past arrests.

For the record, this is a fact check it out, Michel Martelly, most recent trouble with the law occurred in NY. Yes, his last arrest was in NY, the Big Apple> We treated him well. The reason, there were Haitian_American cops to facilitate things, his lawyer was also Haitian-American.

At the NYPD, the finest.

we treat people with fairly, our motto is Courtesy, Professionalism, and Respect.

No, we don't need to treat each other roughly,.

neither have Micky to enforce the law. I still love micky, but he will not make it sister.

Much love and respect to you. with a blessed weekend

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THANK GOD, and please do not send me any hate...

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