Even a stronger or cleaner person could be apuppet, but some...

Cpt..d - February 18 2011, 8:12 PM

Even a stronger or cleaner person could be apuppet, but some one with Micky's resume! L'Express, a renown French news paper already has Sweet Micky in his front pages with 3 pictures with his pants off making a fool of himself, and each time you click on the pictures it leads you to one of Micky disgusting and obscene public acts. Who in his/her right mind would choose an incompetent and imoral man who publicly admit smoking a $1000 crack a day, denigrate women, stripped in public for money, expressed on stage his desire to have sex with King Kino. That lead T Vice to write a song Gason Makonme.

what about his record, how many times have he been arrested?

There are allegations about non kosher activities.

He also mention a couple brushes with the law. during an interview he talked about been arrested while visiting a friend who was jailed on drug charges.

Apre dans Tambou lou, sim te kon'nin toujou tro ta. Haiti deserves better that that, we must raise the bar make intelligent choices to avoid our previous mistakes.

Don't worry, neither Micky nor Michel will be elected president of even the poorest country in the world.


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You can understand that those guys don't care about...

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I agree, even a cleaner person can be a puppet, but...

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