Ron, Thank you for the info, Joel Deeb and I are old guards...

Cpt D - February 18 2011, 4:00 PM

Ron, Thank you for the info, Joel Deeb and I are old guards, we know what time it is. We have clearance, access to serious information, another word we know the good, the bad, and the ugly in the "communities of interest".

The temptaion to reveal more is around, but I refrain from saying more for I like Michel whom I knew back our days in the easrly 80's in Miami.

A big part of my training was READING & LISTENING, reading between the lines, body language, keenly listening and specific interrogative techniques and lead that allow you get result.

I carry nobody's poster Martelly or Manigat, I vote on issues and programs.

Though I'm a Republican, a strong supporter of our military instead of McCain I voted for Obama.

My fellow Haitians need to raise the bar in choosing who they elect enough with that "Tout Voum Se Do" You're going back 50 years ago, but its only recently under Aristide that Haitians begin to lower the standard.

In so doing we had the famous Creole line" Se Pa Competans nou Bezwin, Min Se Militans" Do you realize that many 9th grade politicians were elected as " Militan, all you need to say was that "Mwen Te Goumin Pou Jete Aristide" interestngly many of them were elected and you see the result.

Back to Micky, trust me you have heard or seen anything yet, the intelligence community was taken by surprise and they've been scrambling to complete "the profile" Everyone who reaches a certain level in Politics, Business, and the military in every country has a profile.

In the PDB, Presidential Daily Briefing from around the world that comes to our President's desk He and the selected few get the intelligence.

Do you realized that Micky's people have to hire a Spanish PR firm, Ostos & Sola, several lawyers, Sociologists and consultants to try to project an another image of him. Though most of the details are available, we're going to keep them on the side for now. don't worry we're not going to stay at the "ping pong game" level here, I refer to your last comment relating to my friend Pat. We're not going to talk about serious investigative reporting work; where all that money comes from, who are the major players in his campaign, the hidden hands behind the well planned post Nov 28th terrorist acts in Cayes, Port au Prince and so forth.

Folks, beside the CIA there are other intelligence agencies working in Haiti.

One can only go so far. I read your teological reflections, many have tried in vain to paint a better picture of my frien Martelly, but helas! Rose Blanc foundation very nice, then what! There are several thousands of NGOs working in Haiti with specific agenda.

Do you know that every major politician in Haiti has a foundation?

See, you can't just write a big check under an individual's name; wether its Baker, Boulos, K_Plim, Apaid, Desroche etc....the checks must be written under a foundation's name. Some of these foundations are used for covert operations.

Some of our politicians use financial donation and goods collected to campaign purposes.

Its only recently that foreign companies like DIGICEL and a few others are doing real charity work making a difference in the people's life. Speaking of charity Rose Blanc and the likes, baby doc, Duvalier speaking of the millions stolen from Haiti said that he's back in the country to do humanitarian work that the million are from his mother, Mamy Simone, not our Ti Simone, you know what I'm talking about, Duvalier foundation for humanity.

Shame on those who are trying to exploit the innocence and kindness of the Haitian people.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Big fanfare, populism, large crowd of good kids, youth who have been manipulated and paid tugs have produced what we're witnessing in today's Haiti.

Oh, by the Ron Ms Troutman was regarding the lack of law enforcement, criminals taking advantage of the lack of resources for my fellow Haitian officers to adequately guard our borders.

Drug dealers, gun smuggling are in the mix, you understand, corrupting our under paid, ill equipped officers, financing not one but several politicians.

Ron, there are real damaging dossiers around, don't worry they won't be floating in these forums.

There's no beating around the bushes, we love micky, I wish him well. The coffer is full, "Jazz la Pa Gin Problem Lajan" the group has gone platinum selling million copies of 200% KK, Bandi Legal ect.
You can't separate Micky from Michel, "Chassez le naturel il revient au galop" I shared with you guys earlier Port-au Prince former Mayor, honorable Emmanuel "Manno " Charlemagnebeen spent by professionals to create another image.

with their hi-tech cam experience during his tenure as Mayor of the Capital "the Mmanno Charlemagne" came out while on stage in front international cameras, before thousand of people he was singing "Koulanget Manman Leta" Later on, he had a group called LAYE running around the city with the chorus...

Ron, you sound like a gentleman, you've tried your best, but helas even with the million of dollars paid to his team Micky past remain RELEVANT, our patterns, habits, modus operendis help determine are true self. Since we always include religious passages in our exchanges, I'll close with a little interesting one: Like the Trinity, Micky and Martelly are one. As the old
saying goes " You can't teach an old dog new trick" What about Character,, Competency, Dignity, Honor, Past History, Moral Values, Education, Ability to Run a Country, I have no Haitian political allegiance, nor affiliation'm nor a fan of either of our politicians but looking at the Mirror Mme Manigat better fit the bill. Haiti deserves better than Micky after Preval and those who preceeded him. A quick question and I'm out, are you willing to say like some said Haiti" Ban'm Charon'ye Men" Would you repeat the famous line it's not about "Kompetans, min Militans, Bliye sa micky te kon' fe jounin jodia se Mr Martelly.

Your honor, I didn;t do it was micky not Martelly, tell it to the judge

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