Let me say that you're quiet a jack ass by comparing the Haiti...

Dr. D - February 17 2011, 7:48 AM

Let me say that you're quiet a jack ass by comparing the Haiti of the Duvaliers with the Haiti of Mr.Aristide.

When the Duvalier first came to power, there was less than 6 million people in Haiti and most of the population used to reside on the outskirt of the country, proud with what they had to offer to main land. But your big uncle Duvalier senior, in order to celebrate his so called revolution took the peasant from their community, brought them to Port-au-Prince so he can prove his popularity.

It is something that every person with sense will tell you, if you governing a country with gun, fear and militia, of course you're always going to have your way. Maybe just maybe you've never the spot where you at, but if you travel through this country(us) you're probably gonna meet people great mind that your great uncle chased out of the country, folks who could have many assets to my haiti.

And by the way, I want to make two points:
1st) you must understand the terms, Bilateral- multi-lateral and Unilateral.

Duvalier used to receive beaucoups money and my friend it was bilateral which mean, it was your great uncle and the country that wanted to give, they will sign the contract and big ben will receive the check.

But with Mr. Aristide, every single aid, the government had to sign the paper work and then the NGO's would received the checks meaning it was Multi-latral( many parties).

Aristide has never received any direct money, it was always being giving to the ngo's.My second point is:
You duvalirist always loved to talk about building airport.

If mr Aristide was to have Haiti for 30 years i guarantee you we would have more than what the duvalier left and by the way the airport was not an original thought of your great uncle, it was the original thought of Mr. Estime, who was outsted by Magloire...

After 30 years you left the country with 80% illeterate, a big bougeois dominations, 46 national schools and one major university.

I dont think these are results to be proud off.Go and read a lit bit more and you will understand my fustration with the Duvaliers.

Mr. Aristide triple the national schools, built two more hospitals and yes the illiteracy felt by more thn 20% under Aristide's program baptized ALPHABETISATION.

I know you dont know those things, you haitians once you dont like someone, you dont care to know about good things they're doing.

Go, do some research and come back to talk to me DODO
and by the way, you must know that pere lebrun is not an Aristide affair, it has being aroung for a long time before Aristide.

Before you criticise someone, please take the time to really get to know the person.

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Duvalier Sr. did not receive the kind of money Haiti...

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