I can't believe what I am reading in response to this article...

Tiba - February 17 2011, 6:19 AM

I can't believe what I am reading in response to this article written by this American journalist.

This proves how ingreded the slave mentality in Haitian's soul.

Do things in Haiti and does life in Haiti have to be exactly the way this American journalist predicted them to be?

First and formost, last time I checked, the Haitian Constipation, oops! my bad! I meant to say the "Haitian Constitution" was against its citizens to go into exile or live in exile.

Read the damn document people!

That being said, according to the constitution, all Haitians living in exile in foreign countries have FULL rights to return to Haiti without any preconditions if they so choose to; end of the discussion!

If the United States wants to dictate what Haitians are/aren't allowed back to Haiti then the United States would have to make Haiti a US-territory, plain and simple.

As far as Aristide and Jean-Claude back in charge of Haitian politics would depend on the leadership of the seating government.

This is why I am calling on the 2 front runners of the second round of the election to get leadership training before they go to the second round of the election.

It si imperical that these 2 have understand the real meaning of leadership and the function of a real leader.

A real leader that is able to provide meaningful leadership to Haiti will put Duvalier, Aristide and all others who will return in a box, which will stop them from creating any problems.

On the other side of the coin, the return of these old opressors, morons, and idiots could be a good thing for Haiti.

But again all will depend on the leadership.

Haiti is crying for leadership, leadership, and more leadership.

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