My friend, its neither myself nor Micky, you or anyone else...

Cpt D - February 16 2011, 8:38 PM

My friend, its neither myself nor Micky, you or anyone else who needs to run to have a "blessed Haiti" a blessed Haiti will come from a collective of people who come together to pour their heart before God, confessing their sins, real intersession.

Blessed is a nation that the Lord is king! Again, the Word says righteousness exalts a nation.

I've been following closely the many debates on our forums and have read some prety interesting post that causes others not to take us seriously.

Luckily there are many among us who can dicerne, it won't happen.

Its good to know that you attend church, very good, stay in communion with the Lord and youi'll be blessed.

My daughter is a US Navy Officer, we know about character.

Though I'm a registered republican I voted for Obama.

I'm not emotional like many on this forum I support candidate based for his character, value, record and achievement.

Unfortunately my friend doesn;t fit the bill. Peace be with you and may the Lord spare us from this one. Could one imagine Micky after Preval, Lord have mercy! by the way our friend is not an out sider as his fixer would like to portray him. Trust me the trick can work for so long.

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