Jean Claude left Haiti 26yrs ago, when he left we had an army...

Bernard - February 16 2011, 6:25 PM

Jean Claude left Haiti 26yrs ago, when he left we had an army, we had hospitals that were fully functional, we had a fire dept., we had tourism, we had security, you could walk the streets and not fear being mugged or kidnapped.

what happened to Haiti?

it was under Aristide that tha farmers abadon the land and went to Port au prince and built all those bidonville all around the city, under Aristide Haiti became A CESSPOOL, AN UGLY NATION that no one wanted to visit, while next door the Dominican Republic kept rising in stature.

If the Aristide supporters are not aware of this something is very wrong with them. Haiti does not need Aristide, the man only cares about himself, he destroyed Haiti.

In a way the reason why people voted for him is simply because they lack the education to understand that democracy in not a licence to do what ever you want, but to work together toward a common goal. Aristide is a sheep in wolf clothing he should not be allowed to come back for national security reason.

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