Duvalier Sr. did not receive the kind of money Haiti has been...

Josy - February 16 2011, 2:12 AM

Duvalier Sr. did not receive the kind of money Haiti has been getting in the last few years from the international community, and I respect your opinion.

I grew up under The Duvalier, and has been overseas for 36 years.

I heard, and read about Aristide.

Duvalier Sr. built an airport, roads, and I remember tourists jogging all day long in Haiti.

I am talking about fish pond by the post office, swings, cruise ships, drive-in, festivals, movies, clean streets, sanitation, electricity and water 24/7, carnaval, schools, and people just living their lives.

I do not know the Haiti with drugs, kidnapping, trash all over the place, dirty or not water, no electricity, no health care, and death everywhere of youngs or olds. I am very happy that you know your history, and I do not. You are obviously a fan of Mr. Aristide, and perhaps the chaos in Haiti is all that you know. I am a member of GOD's party, and have no interests in politic.

My parents sweat blood in Haiti to care for our family, and were never involved in politics.

It is because of fanatics like you that the international community, and the majority of Haitians do not want Mr. Aristide to return to Haiti now. You became very angry, because I made a comment and would probably give me a "PERE LEBRUN" if you could do it. His presence will bring danger, and anger from his fans. We cannot have him there during the reconstruction, and you are the perfect example why he should stay out. He was a very poor man who joined the Catholic Church, because it was the only way out of poverty for him and he did not have the vocation to become a priest.

Have you heard about the vow of poverty?



The Catholic priests have no money, and the church takes care of them. It means he had absolutely no money before becoming president, and could not possibly become so rich in a few years.

I have been working for 36 years, and will not retire a millionaire.

He paid his lawyer $50 millions dollars in five years to represent him, and we Haitians have the right to ask the origin of his fortune.

He did not win the lotto, or received an inheritance and he is not a businessman.

He is a public servant, and I am very suspicious of his wealth.

The true never remains hidden for ever, and it will finally comes out.

It is not nice to attack people for their opinions, and frankly my dear I do not give a damn.

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Hello everyone, First of all, let me advise this...

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Let me say that you're quiet a jack ass by comparing...

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