INITE Senator Edwin Zenny is attacked because he supports his...

Wapsuiv - February 15 2011, 3:27 PM

INITE Senator Edwin Zenny is attacked because he supports his good friend Mr. Michel Martelly.

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Jacmel - Elections: Intimidation attempt against Edwin Zenny
15/02/2011 16:06:13

Last night approximately at 10h00pm the car of Edwin Zenny, the mayor of the city, was burned to just meters from the local of the firefighters of Jacmel, to "la Lamandou", a locality of the city.

Edwin Zenny, elected at the first round of the senatorial elections under the banner INITE for the department of South-East, has fingered the partisans of the presidential platform INITE, which considers Edwin Zenny as a traitor, because he has openly stated, that he will support the presidential candidacy of Michel Martelly in the second round of elections.

"Michel Martelly is my childhood friend, I owe him my support.

Since the publication of final election results of November 28, 2010, INITE supporters wanted to tarnish my image, they write words against me on of the walls" has precised Edwin Zenny.

In addition, the Mayor said that he has investigated and that the information confirms the involvement of the members of INITE in this act of intimidation.

Edwin Zenny said that he will not give up, facing political intimidation of INITE members, so they "will continue to burn my goods ..."

It is the deputy judge of the court of Peace of Jacmel, Fritz Palanquet, who conducted the legal findings of the incident.

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