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Ouvriersvictimescdapparel - February 10 2011, 7:06 AM

In solidarity,
Joseph Lapp II / Ryan Reetz

Rich Noll, CEO
Hanes Brands, Inc.
1000 East Hanes Mill Rd.
Winston Salem, NC 27105
Mr. Rich Noll:
After taking part in a recent delegation to Haiti sent by the
Industrial Workers of the World, a rank-and-file union representing
workers in a number of nations and a variety of industries, I became
aware of the ongoing struggle of 500 factory workers from cd apparel in sonapi who lost their
jobs as a result of actions taken by your company adding to their bad situation after the heartquake destroyed the poor Haiti on Jan 12,2011.

In this case you are
unaware of the circumstances, these workers were employed by a company
called CD Apparel which was under direct contract with Hanes Brands,
Inc. In May of 2007 Hanes Brands withdrew its contract from CD
Apparel, without any kind of notice as demand the code of conduct and the international socio-legislation on work forcing its closure very brutally, and moving that contract to another
plant in Haiti.

While these workers are standing to claim full compensation for price of 4 years of excellents jobs made for the profit of the leaders of hanes and theone of cd apparel's contractor but nothing for these poor workers living in a dark misery very special! Of more i need the kind support of all international organisation to demand from hanes/inc " Damages and Repairs for these poor employees and thier high cost of living must be taken into
consideration, they have not been compensated in the by any employer for whom
that workers employed under contract by your company in other parts of
the world have been compensated, when in a similar situations.

It is my belief that this amounts to discrimination against the people
of Haiti who deserve far better treatment.

Haiti is a nation gripped
by rampant hunger and unimaginable poverty.

Rather than corporations
such as yours taking advantage of this terrible situation to increase
their profits on the backs of an already brutalized people, it is
their responsibility to use some of those profits to make life better
for the people they employ.

While these workers were not directly
employed by Hanes Brands/hbi, it was the decision of your company that
caused them to lose their jobs, and your company should take
responsibility for that fact.
I strongly urge you to look into the facts of this case, to carefully
consider the demands being made by these workers, and give them their
due by that means " Full Compensation".

It is my intention, and that of the Industrial Workers of the
World, to build bridges of solidarity with the workers of Haiti, and
to aid them in their struggles.

We hope that you will live up to your
social contract in this case, if not we will take further action as we
find appropriate.

Joseph Lapp II / Ryan Reetz !

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