Michelle Bennet his wife came from Cayes, and she did...

Josy - February 10 2011, 12:39 AM

Michelle Bennet his wife came from Cayes, and she did absolutely nothing for the South of Haiti.

The "she-devil" was only concerned about her fur coats, and built freezers in the place to store them. How sick can you be?

She also had daily fresh flowers delivered from Miami, and let's not even talk about the wedding dress.

The Bennett's family made their fortune in coffee, and stole from the poor by fixing the scales.

The illiterate coffee planters take their words for it, and had no choice.

I am a sinner, and am in big trouble with GOD. I am hoping that GOD will have mercy on me, but I am not sure what the sentences are for the crooked in Haiti and who knows maybe they might have deathbeds' confessions.

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