Truth has as many faces as there are letters in the word...

Ronald Altieri - February 8 2011, 8:36 PM

Truth has as many faces as there are letters in the word itself - so to speak.

One aspect or facade, if yoiu will, of truth's clarity that some would rather not look at is its historical fact.

Historical fact is even harder for those who are playing the political game from a view of partisanship - at times that is all of us.

But in the humility of good conscience our minds breathe in what we know is historically true, as natural as our lungs breathe in natural oxygen.

Wrong is always wrong, just as truth is always true.

Truth shall move us to our true potential; whereas, denial and twisting of truth to benefit partisans of this group and that group will only keep Haiti twisted in obscurity, moving in confusion and self-destruction.

Jean Claude

Duvalier's statement contains historical facts, regardless of where you are looking at truth from


Ayiti cheri pi bon peyi pase ou nanpwen

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