Macchevelian at its best! Mr. Michel Martelly could possibly...

Hj Christopher - February 3 2011, 12:05 AM

Macchevelian at its best!

Mr. Michel Martelly could possibly be the best and the brightest President since Haiti's independence.

From the beginning of his campaign, many people counted him out, they thought he was not serious.they thought he was joking as usual.

They claimed that he was a wild card and that he was not to be taken seriously.

That he was an entertainer with questionable pedigree.

Some have accused him of being an Ignoramus.

Martelly has proved his distractors wrong at every turn. Martelly proves to be a smart campaigner, a great orator.

He is bright and displayed a keen understanding of the psyche of the Haitian's people.

Preval/Celestin/CEP undermine Martelly to their peril.

During the qualification period, both Wyclef and his uncle Raymond Alcide Joseph, the greatest Haitian ambassador to have served Haiti in the United States were disqualified mainly because, to leave the ambassador in the race would have caused serious headache for Preval because Wyclef was thought to be supportive of his uncle if he did not make it through the qualification period.

During a meeting with Jude Celestin at Preval's residence in September (this from a source who was at the meeting) the two joked about Martelly inexperience in politics and lack of education.

According to them, Martelly was not to be taken seriously.

The person they worried most about was Jean Ceant and Mrs. Manigat.

So much so, that when the Preval/Celestin CEP manipulated the ballots they did in favor of Manigat in the first place thinking that they could beat her in round 2. Martelly was not serious and assumed to have never taken the race seriously.

Little that they knew, Martelly a master politician surrounded himself with political experts from around the world.

He assembled a group of people that would have made Ronald Reagan proud.

He played the Preval/Celestin/CEP group like a yoyo. Martelly employed behind the scene tactics like a master diplomat and on the scene tactics like a real populist.

The OAS, US, French and Canadian governments, all sided with Martelly, while the people Haiti rallied behind him waiting for CEP to announce the second round.

Martelly accomplished all of this without lifting a finger, without killing any of his opponents, that is a master politician a man deserving of the title president.

Mr. Martelly welcome to the presidency of the Republic of Haiti.

May God bless you and your family.

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