Duvalier,,Aristide, Preval and all their cabinet the...

Jj - February 2 2011, 9:28 PM

Duvalier,,Aristide, Preval and all their cabinet the government are all same they don't care for the progress of haiti and the wellbeing of the people only to enrich their own self friends supporteurs family and grease the hands of the outsiders EACH HEAD OF A POOR HAITIANS IS GOLD MINE FOR MANY DONATION MONEY MONEY FOR POOR HAITIANS HELP THE CHILDREN ALL THESE PEOPLE ARE HAPPY VERY PLEASE OM STAY THAT WAY BUSINESS WILL CONTINUE WHEALTH FOR THEM THEIR ENTOURAGE FAMILY FRIENDS BUYING MANSION LEAVING LIKE KINGS QUEENS THEY WANT YO PUT HAITIAN AGAINST EACH OTHER FOR THEIR OWNS PURPOSE

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