What does that child know about politics or constitution. My...

Garry Destin - February 2 2011, 11:28 AM

What does that child know about politics or constitution.

My country has become not just the poorest in the world but slso the boot-leg politics of the world.

What else can Haiti afford?

These children better get on their gear because haiti will be for real "Too weak to survive"
Don't blame it on America, French or anyone else.
Preval was the prime example of hiring mentally bankrupt people to high offices.

Someone who preys on the poor and promises them food in exchange for power is a bad person.

That is why "N" like keep the poor illiterate so the can always be president.

A country should be ruled by the poor and illeterates the result will always be nazzy Germany.

People who are comfortably poor are crabs.

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