duvalier and aristide to the second round

Babydocperetitid - February 2 2011, 7:13 AM

BREAKING NEWS: Some inside officials are saying that the CEP is considering the recommendation that JBC and JBA be entered in the Second round on Mar 20. Some electoral code experts are sayting that they are eligible, because exile did not allow them to fully take advantage of the Constitution Articles and Electoral Laws.

Preval is considering calling the OAS to settle this issue.

But if the CEP does not mention their names in their report to be made public later on, then Preval will not make that request to the OAS.

It is also being whispered that the American Social Activist Al Sharpton, the PUSH Organization President Jesse Jackson and Danny Glover are on their way in a chartered plane to fly in with Aristide on the 7 of February at around midday.

There is talk that Baby Doc will be there to welcome him back, as well as Preval and Bill Clinton.

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