As reported by the Associated Press - The U.S Secretary of...

Ronald Altieri - January 31 2011, 12:29 PM

As reported by the Associated Press - The U.S Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made it very clear that the U.S has no plans to suspend aid to in any way.

Moving along! But she did make it clear that Preval's picked successor should be left out, as recommended by the OAS Report (that Preval asked for).

It should be noted that The U.S Ambassador to the United Nations had recently stated that "sustained support" from the United States required the OAS recommendations to be accepted; again 'sustained support'.

Hillary made it clear hat the U.S was was not threatening an embargo and cutting off aid, but that 'sustained support' was to be reviewed in connection to the adherence of OAS report.

Clinton went on to say strongly that the U.S was not talking about an embargo or cutting off aid.

"We have a deep commitment to Haiti and its people that goes to humanitarian aid, that goes to governance and democracy programs, that will be going to a cholera treatment center."

As to the Jude scenario - well, we have to wait to see what CEP decides on Feb 2nd.

Interesting! Don't you think?

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