"GET REAL" ablerooster, On a second thought, You are at the...

Marjorie Middy - January 30 2011, 3:32 PM

"GET REAL" ablerooster, On a second thought, You are at the most second generation in-country born American.

Your parents were most likely "foreigners" that is why you have such disdain for them. You still have that dirt under your fingernails that you can't seem to shake.

The term is natural born. There is nothing natural about your being born here, presumably.

My daughter was born in Japan, that did not make her Japanese.

Her birth certificate says: "An American born abroad".

Drop your "natural born" clause, it does not mean much.
In fact, this is probably ALL you have got to defend yourself.

The powerless always like to identify with the aggressor.

I grew up with cousins and friends who are born in-state and earned doctoral degrees from Cornell, Princeton, Yale. Sorry to put it to you this bluntly, yes, they are blue blood Whites and their thinking is a complete opposite to yours.

Your thinking is at best lower-socioeconomic American.

I doubt if you are White.

You sound like a wannabe.

You were probably babysitting with your mom at a White lady's.
Look: I hate to blame you on birth circumstances and socioeconomic standing, but It is beneath me.
You ain't what you said you are, that is certain.

Basic understanding: The only true Americans are the INDIANS.

farewell, hope you get some basic education.

Night school or online learning could be an option.

Will not debate with you anymore.

You did not understand where I was coming from.
P.S. You are not familiar with Haitians otherwise, you have known that Haitians come in ALL socio-economic levels, shapes, color and race.
Yes, There are lots of Black Haitians who are highly educated and you are not fit to even shine their shoes, let alone clean their house.

Go to hell, don't ever address me again: Understood

I will not

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I can't believe I'm actually being lectured on...

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