Ablerooster, you may have a point about some of us Haitians...

Marjorie Middy - January 30 2011, 2:05 PM

Ablerooster, you may have a point about some of us Haitians blogged somewhat on subjects that they have not researched properly.

But you have to understand, this is just a site, bloggers are not required to be politically correct.

Majority of immigrants think that America is an ungrateful B88tch as she is benefiting from the blood and sweat of poor immigrants who have no health care insurance, living in squalor, not allowed to collect unemployment if they have gotten fired; Eat poor quality or rejected produce from American farmers and they pay higher prices for the produce, too just because they live in the town or city's wrong zip code. Immigrants tend to buy second-hand clothes and household appliances yet, still be taxed on these items for a second or third time. America is also benefiting from the best of the "third world" in the form of highly educated citizens like engineers, math teachers and doctors.

America did not have to pay to educate a good percentage of her highly professional workers but yet ripping the benefit of it all. America is no innocent girl who is being wrongly accused.

Grow-up and get off of your high horse.

You see, I had my first job as a cashier at 14 years of age after school hours.

Because my parents did not believe in taking hand-down from anyone.

My parents worked very hard for America and they did instill good work ethics and raised our social consciousness.

We have never been on welfare, taking food stamps, or live in a project, or a recipient of a medicaid card. Perhaps, you as an in-born-country American think you deserve more than us hyphen-Americans.

That's always been the case, there is nothing new here.
Don't feel sorry for America, she is "doing her".

She got plenty of adopted sons and daughters who will go to war for her if need me. She got lots of sons and daughters who truly are more Americans than in-country born Americans.

She has a whole array of different cultures, languages that create a rich and brand new culture-literature that come along with immigrants.

Do you understand that without third-world women, America would have had a different economic structure?

Third-world women take care of American children and the elders to free American families to go to work or saved that hard-earned cash by not putting their elders in nursing home?

There are plenty of those examples that you are not aware of. Immigrants have earned the rights to be in America, perhaps more than you do because you are not aware a lot of things Americans.

I am an Haitian-America, I earned the right to criticize both Haiti and America as I see fit. You don't have that right to tell me how and what to say. If the American school system failed you, as I suspected it is the case. It did not fail me...

I dare you to prove me wrong with facts on any or all that I have said above.

America wants to play 'Imperialist", which comes with an attached high price tag. America is no spring chicken, she has been there before.

Don't you think that more coast guards have been hired and are ready, able and waiting for the phone call to jump on Haiti's coastal borders?

Don't you think Dominican Republic borders too have been alerted for that purpose, also?

In politics, nothing happened by accident...That is also include Haiti's present situation minus the quake.

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This Able Rooster. Tiba, you are correct. Should we...

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