This is Able Rooster. Tiba, having a debate with you is like...

Ablerooster - January 30 2011, 2:03 PM

This is Able Rooster.

Tiba, having a debate with you is like arguing with a twig sticking out of the mud. Last I read, America was founded by 56 white men in Philadelphia.

As far as Haitians "giving" us our country, that statement is precisely what I am referring to when I talk of BIZARRE comments made by people like you on these blogs.

In 1775, when the American Revolution actually began, Haitian slaves were far from being able help, and why would they?

The only thing Hatians could do in Savannah in 1775 was pick cotton.

My ancestors were not sipping anything in Europe in 1775; they were fighting the British, their own country!

As a sovereign nation, America decides who has the "right" to be here; not you. Right now, the only people with a right to be here are Americans.

Haitians gave my forefathers this land?

Yes, and you are a Russian Cosmonaut!

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Ablerooster, Sorry for bursting your bubbles and to...

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