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Tiba - January 30 2011, 12:30 PM


Sorry for bursting your bubbles and to rain in your parade.

It is pretty abvious you don't know anything about your own country because if you did, you would know that the Haitians gave you this country.

While your european ancestors were drinking vodka and bacardi back in Europe, the Haitians were dudging bullets and dying in Savannah, GA to give you this country and your freedom from the British which gives the Haitians the right to be in this country.

Unfortunately, the ungrateful white Americans can't seem to get to grip with this fact and acknowledge at last if it weren't for the Haitians you would not have this country.

While those black Haitians were dying to free you from colonization, the African Americans were dying to build this country.

To your big disappointment, black people made these United States a country.

You and your ungrateful white ancestors are only enjoying the fruit of the Haitians people and the African American people.

And yes, and yes again, the United States made a well calculated decision after Haiti got its independence to never allow the Haitians amount to anything.

And yes, the United States of America is responsible for 75% of Haiti's problems and demise.

But being who I am, I forgive your ignorance because you only react to what you see and hear on the news, which only give one side of the story.

If you knew anything about US-foreign policy, you would know that Haitians are not in charge of their country and they are not the decision makers about the affairs of their own country, the United States is.

Like I said before about the rational of the American people, "they would put you in a straight jacket then dump you in the middle of the ocean, and blame you for drowning."

The United States has imposed countless economic ambargoes/sanctions against Haiti, baned Haiti from doing trade, commerce, and business with the rest of the world.

For decades, the United States has isolated and alienated Haiti from the international community but Americans always find it reasonable to blame Haiti for its failure and demise.

It is really amazing the power of ignorance and denial.

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