Today, Osner Fevry - a distinguished lawyer and defender of...

Ronald Altieri - January 30 2011, 11:17 AM

Today, Osner Fevry - a distinguished lawyer and defender of the legal complaints on the part of Jude Celestin told Radio France Internationale (RFI) that Jude won the first round of the vote for he Presidency by 52%, and that Jude has has convictions that he won the elections and the Presidency at the first round.

Today also, Secretary of State of The United States - Hillary Clinton said, "We've made it very clear we support the OAS recommendations and we would like to see those acted on."

I guess we will see which of these two women and political positions will be applauded on by CEP on the 2nd of February.

It is getting very interesting don't you think?

I can not wait until Wednesday - can you?

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