This Able Rooster. Tiba, you are correct. Should we Americans...

Ablerooster - January 30 2011, 10:49 AM

This Able Rooster.

Tiba, you are correct.

Should we Americans just sit by and allow another disastrous influx of third-world malcontent with which we have NOTHING in common culturally?

America is tired of playing host to EVERY group of people pining to escape failed nations, especially when they turn around and blame America for all their problems...

Toulimen is a good example, as is Marjotie Middy.

Both live in America, and doubtless receive all kinds of assistance from the American people, and yet only want to take from my beautiful country what they want. I would rather spend billions to prevent another influx of ingrates than to allow the transformation of my country without my consent.

Since when is America the dumping ground for all the losers of the world?

We cannot afford it any longer.

I am tired of people coming to my country just to use her generosity against her, while wildly waving the flag of a failed nation in my face and acting obnoxious toward their American benefactors.

If people behaved differently, as in GRATEFUL, I would feel differently as well. Haitian blogs like the Rene Preval blog, are rife with bizarre comments and accusations against the American people in general, and more specifically, white Americans, of which I am proudly one. I am not a racist (my daughter is half Cuban) but I am exhausted with the unfair playing field in my own country, that bleeds our treasury in order to prop up ungrateful third-worlders.

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The United States is only afraid to have a migration...

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