Democracy's jaded virtue is rooted in the following...

Conscience - January 29 2011, 11:16 AM

Democracy's jaded virtue is rooted in the following declaration:

The constitution of a democratic society is the people's tool by which they govern themselves and sculpture their future.

The abstractions that are seen through this truth are not very simple to unravel.

For a government is to serve and protect its people, and a people must respect and abide by the governing constitution and rules, but most of all Morality and/or Civility.

February 2nd and 7th will teach us something for our conscience, as we look forward to March 20 and April 16.

Some would say that Haiti can not go through this political wild party every 5 years, and that it should be every 8 years with the president impeachable after 6 years, but that is not what the constitution says.

In good conscience, what do you think?

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