Let us all wait for the CEP Report that will tell the world...

Ronald Altieri - January 29 2011, 9:20 AM

Let us all wait for the CEP Report that will tell the world who will go to the 2nd round.

Hey! There are 12 candidates who believe they are still in the race too, and are taking the legal route - as provided by law. In fact, from what i understand some Senator and Deputy candidates, who were kicked out of the race, think that they are still in it too, and have filed legal complaints - as provided by law.

Let us wait to see if CEP will put Celestin in the 2nd. Or, let us wait to see if he will sign it after Hillary CLinton makes it to Haiti tomorrow.

Personally, i think evn if CEP does not have him in, he still should not sign.

If he wants a political career, he should never sign it - no matter who says what. It is about time that Jude montre ke li grin nan dada'l.

But on the political side, the more dega in the INITE Camp the more powerful Repons Peyizan will get. So they have to careful how they pass the ball, as well as how they defend the camp if they do not want to be scorred on or loose badly.

let us wait and see, because time proves everything in this very serious game.

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