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Christopher - January 29 2011, 12:13 AM


Martelly will be the Next President of Haiti!

The professor did not extrapolate on qualifications, but I assume the professor thinks that he is qualified to be president by virtue of holding a a graduate degree.

I will remind the professor that every single Haitian president at the exception of Sylvain Salvane (1867-1869) have had several college degrees.

Back to Mr. Martelly.

Before I explain why and how Martelly will win, I want everyone to know that Manigat did not get 32% of the votes as reported.

Preval and his people got checkmated by the International community and Mr. Martelly's behind the scene lobbying.

Preval thought that if he allowed Manigat to be the front runner, no one will pay attention to the runner up, the ignoramus Jude celestin.

That was miscalculation number one. Preval hoped that Mr. MArtelly will go quietly.

(Miscalculation number 2.

If Preval had Mr. Martelly and Judge Celestin first and second, Madame Manigat never would have had the type of popular support to force Preval's hands or the international community as Martelly did so brilliantly.

So, Preval "le petit cretin" get checkmated! In politics, it is always what you don't see that you must pay attention to. You may wonder how can you pay attention to something you don't see?

Well, that is the difference between a true politician and an Amateur.

Now, on to how Mr. Martelly will become President.

If the election is fair, sqaure (without ballots manipulation and fraud) which is an oxymoron for Haiti, Martelly will get 58.2% of the vote to Manigat 41.8%.

Here is the math, almost 60% of the Haitian population are under the age of twenty one, and over 90% of them favor Martelly over Manigat.

20% of the population are over the age of 59, and we assume that Manigat will get about 70% of that vote, not enough to counter the overwhelming youth support Martelly enjoys.

Remember the last time Madame Manigat was on the ballot she polled less than 25%, and most of her votes came from the older segment of the population.

In addition, many people regard Manigat as an elitist, a creation of beourgeoisie mentality, sorbone educated who looks and talk down to the populace.

I listen to Manigat very carefully and analyze her speech, she has not the slightest idea of how to move this country forward.

She is very good with numbers and theories, but Haiti's dire situation requires much more than pretty "French phrases."

Mr. Martelly is as qualified and most likely more qualified than Madame Manigat.

I will admit that there is specific set of qualification to be President.

Obama certainly in most people eyes was not qualified, but who is to decide.

Intelligent voters often know who's got their best interest at heart.

Haitian politician are often corrupt, and use the Haitian treasury as their personal cash machine, that is regardless whether they graduate from Sorbone or Univerisite D'etat D'haiti.

My money is on Mr. Martelly! at least it appears to me that he recognizes that he does not know everything and he needs qualified people to assist him. Has Manigat ever admitted to not knowing everything?

Speaking French does not make you smart or intelligent...

many people who speak french can hardly write it.


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