Baby Doc and the uprising against Mubarak in Egypt

Pierre F. Lherisson - January 28 2011, 2:02 PM

The current event in Egypt is a grim reminder of what is waiting for Baby Doc in Haiti if steps are not taken to judge him for his atrocities in Haiti.

Baby Doc returned to Haiti arrogantly wearing the black and red former Haitian flag and had the audacity to restore the name of Francois Duvalier to Haitian the Airport.

Those symbolic gesture clearly demonstrate that he does not change and the ideology and permanency of the Duvalier regime is a fait accompli and will continue.

Baby Doc, do not make the illusion or the gross miscalculation by entertains the thought that the US marines that are currently in Haiti would protect you and your misdeeds by quelling any uprising against you and by converting Haiti into a Himalaya of cadavers like during the your brutal regime that started with your father.

Baby doc if you are sad for what happened to Haiti and your so called followers encourage them to leave Haiti before it is too late because justice will be done one way or the other.

I urge you to pay close attention to the emerging strife in Egypt because you going to face a similar situation soon.
The unprecedented news from Egypt is fearsome.

Al Ahram weekly is one of the main newspaper in Egypt is offline.

Some Egyptian newspapers are still online.

To have a graphic idea of what is going on there you may want to visit the following site:
First check for newspapers sites that mention [English] on the right side of its links.

If you want to read the news that is printed in Arabic because of the horrific pictures you saw in their news Do the followings:
Step-1-Go to any of the following translation site by opening a new browser [each one translate slightly different]
Also babelfish at yahoo
Step-2 Right click on the article you want to translate.

Step -3-Clicick on select All. Step-4-click on Copy
Step 5-Go on the translator browser and paste the article in the translation box and follow instructions.

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Bernadette says...

Pierre, I do like your approach. Thank you so much for linking the people to relevant sites so that they can understand what is up for themselves... more »