I understand your petition and respect it, but allow me to say...

Ronald Altieri - January 28 2011, 11:41 AM

I understand your petition and respect it, but allow me to say that Haitian young girls are being raped in an alarming rate, and i have never seen a petition anywhere to have the government put in place the same procedure they have for Immigration DNA testing to identity by way of a DNA record the culprits.

For, we know by stastical studies that the rapists tend to return to the same territory to hunt and to commit this sad and cowardly crime again and again - spreading siphyllis and AIDS.

As food for thought: In the case of the political hunter, the preys are always there for him to infect their minds with a agenda that did not do anything for their society before they were exiled.

I suggest that we take our everyday thoughts to a higher level, if not for nothing else then let it be done for the 300,000 souls who perished during Jan 12, 2010.

Internet friend, let us not stay in the same triviality, which has bliended our priority to that which is crucial for our future: Namely, our young females who are the jewels of Haiti; the mothers of the next generations.

Quickly, i have not seen a petitian to have the Nepalese base close in Haiti.

Excuse that turn!

Let us get back to focus.

Let us not be in the same yakitiyak of yesterday, which is blinding us to the joys of tomorrow.

My friend, let Jean-Claude Duvalier, Rene Preval fly to South Africa and bring Aristide back. But let us not go back and visit the same fanaticism which has done nothing at all for us.

Yes! Let them all come home and let them stay and be judged for the crimes of which all three are guilty of, as we remember that those people have already planted for the youth of haiti, and their crop yielded nothing but division.

Jean-Claude, Jean-Bertrand and Rene deja plante sa'yo tap plante'a, et sa yo tap plante'a pa bay enyin pou nouvel generation sa'a. Sa seulmen nou recolte nan main moun sa'yo se Division ki bay faiblesse.

Tande! Nou bezoin Union pou bay la force.

Et pou nou we force gacon nou fok nou commense protege jeune fille avek yon bon petition pou pote attention a soufrance yo.

Li leu pou nou avance pi devan, nou paka rete kole nan labou'en avek moun sa'yo.


En avant!


Petition pou Aristide

ou nou mande pou yo retounen Aristide ban nou siyen petisyon anba: To demand the return of Aristide sign the petition...

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