To be in power, and to remain in power is always the aim of...

David Grant - January 27 2011, 1:20 PM

To be in power, and to remain in power is always the aim of Haitian politicians.

These men are just politicians, and not state men. They do not care about the state, their primary concern is their selfish self interest; and that is to be in power for ever. Even though the constitution states that they are only allowed one term in power, and another term in the next six years to come, they never wanted to demit office, they have to be remove from office, and sent to exile.

It seems, once they taste the power, they do not want to relinquish it. They only care about those who elect them in office and neglect those who did not support them. As always, the only way to remain in power is to have the military on their side, and to train their supporters into a paramilitary unit, whose self purpose is to protect their leader and their self interest.

A government should always be the government of all the people, and not the handful of those who voted them in office.Alas, in Haiti, this is not the case. Haitian turn against Haitian because of political difference This is always prompted by their leader and his twisted ideology - blacks against mulattoes or the rich against the poor. And due to a large percentage of illiteracy in the country, people are not aware of their rights.

The brotherhood that should exist among the populace is obliterated by partisan politics.

They seem to forget the inscription on their flag:"L'Union Fait la Force".They do not understand that they are to join together, and demand that their leader do the right things vis-a-vis the citizenry.

In order to remedy this,(what is pronounced above) the function of government and what is expected of a leader, should be taught at the primary level, and continued at the secondary level.

This is to educate them that hatred because of party affiliation has no room in a civil society - they are brothers and sisters, and this should be central in the mind of the society.

In this way, it will be hard for a would be dictator to raise his ugly head.
Universal education is the key.

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