The questions are: 1st- Can Sweet Micky win? Answer: Sweet...

Ronald Altieri - January 27 2011, 12:48 PM

The questions are:

1st- Can Sweet Micky win?

Answer: Sweet Micky already won as a musician and artist provocateur, and sweet Micky is already the President of Kompa.

2nd- Can Michel Martelly become Haiti's Next President?

Answer: Mr. Michel Martelly has already Revolutionized Haitian Politics in very honorable ways, and history will witness this. Well! Such is the hope of the Haiti's youth.

He is the answer to those who have had no voice to scream their frustration with the 'Elite, Educated and Rich' of Haiti.

He is the 'youth-connected' answers they wanted to the root of the problems they wanted by way of Fanmi Lavalas or Duvalierists (Nationalists?) or from this political party or that political party, namely our consciousness vis-a-vis our nation; its people and its future.

One can not say that this abstract political view can reach its fruitation in 5 or 10 years, but it can be planted for the future generations of Haiti by the answers to their frustration - Mr. Michel Martelly.

Now, some are concerned about some of the things he said and did as 'Sweet Mickey', but i believe the energy of their concern would be best directed towards what Jean-Claude Duvalier, Jean-Bertrand Aristide and Rene Preval did as Presidents.

Some are concerned about his connections; well, no one has said anything about Rene Preval's money taking from Hugo Chavez to fund Celestin's campaign.

Other are concerned about what he did as 'Sweet Mickey', but what about what he did with his wife with his 'ROAE ET BLANC' charity foundation.

The cameras were not there to record it all, but the people's hearts and minds were there.

With his ROSE ET BLANC foundation, he remembered and reminded us that Haiti was our mother, our father, our son, our daugher, our future and dream.

He tried to help us all to keep that in mind, and in this political field, he is unique as a political.

In due time, there is the great hope that he will sing a silent song for history to honor him, but for now let us together sing:

Pour le Pays,
Pour la Patrie,
Marchons unis,
Marchons unis.
Dans nos rangs point de tra

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