That is why I disagreed with her when she said the government...

Toulimen - January 26 2011, 6:29 PM

That is why I disagreed with her when she said the government was attacking one of her closest associates in the name of Patrice Dumont.

She got an armored car from Preval while no other candidates had received anything like that. Preval said the armored car was for the former President Manigat.

The latter has been in Haiti for long and how come he did not give him an armored car?

Why waiting for the elections to get that car delivered to him?

Preval is a liar and he cannot be trusted too. He gave that car to Mirelande because he was asked by his outside bosses to do so. Politicians are liars and that is why we should elect Micky to break with this vicious cycle of lies. They will do everything to steal this upcoming elections from Micky because he is a populist person like Fignole and not a polician like Preval, Manigat, and Aristide to name a few. He will be the reincarnation of Antoine Simon and Dumarsais Estime who had done a lot to change Haiti's causes.

He will do a better job for he will bring all on board.

Marthelly ou la mort...Rele fanmi nou al vote pou Marthelly ok, li se lide pep la...

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