I agree with you Haiti needs to elect Marthelly, an outsider...

Toulimen - January 26 2011, 6:17 PM

I agree with you Haiti needs to elect Marthelly, an outsider and a non-politician this time. He will do a better job for he will be the reconciliation leader.

With Marthelly, we will get everyone on board.

He is very cool. The international community wants Manigat and they have plans to make her become the next leader of Haiti.

I do not trust her anymore since she said that the gouvernment was attacking one of his closest associate in the name of Patrice Dumont which was a false rumor to get attention and also to get elected.

Once a person accept political lies s/he can do anything to get elected.

I trusted her social vision for Haiti before the elections of November 28, 2010 and once I heard her saying that her closed friend was under attack to gain trust among the population I don't trust her anymore.

Micky is more credible and we will do everything in our power to elect him. We ask all the "Proces Verbaux" holders to stick to their results and this time this election will not get sold. Micky is very popular in Haiti and Mirelande will be far to beat his record without electoral frauds like her husband got in the past. I am not an opportunistic person, I like people who can tell the truth and that is why I rally my support behind Micky.

I was the one to translate Mirelande's Curriculum Vitae and make it available to the Haitian Diaspora knowing that she stood up for change but the last plot made me mad; for as an intellectual person she should not put herself into that position.

She likes to be president like her husband but too bad Grandma...Marthelly ou la mort...

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