Preval had Jude's picture touched by a computer graphics...

Mointela - January 25 2011, 9:22 PM

Preval had Jude's picture touched by a computer graphics artist to make him appear appealing to the nation, smiling with the white teeth on the posters.

The # 10 was chosen because it is the # that all soccer fans seem to favor because Pele's jersey is #10.

The yellow and green was chosen because Haiti enjoy the Brazilian National as well as Argentina's but they favor yellow and green, and there is a lot of them.

Fake face on the poster, and they forgot that 10 is a 1 followed by a zero; therefore, preval was not going to be able to make another 1 out of jude. But most critical of all is that in trying to use yellow and green to favor MINUSTA, which is headed by Brazil, they forgot one important one important thing which is all woman like a bald head with no moustache.

Guys, if you do not believe this just ask them. Even if their men have dreads on their heads, they still perfer the ball head underneath with no moustache.

Have some fun you are looking too serious.

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